SIA VISSA ELECTRONICS supplies  electronic components to Eastern European market. Constant development, knowledge and experience, expanding range of supplied components and services made us  one of the significant players on the market. Today we offer a wide range of semiconductor electronic components for household and industrial devices, control systems based on microcontrollers, power electronics, power supplies and telecommunication systems. One of the focus areas is radio frequency components for receiving and transmitting devices


Direct distribution agreements with electronic components manufacturers

We see our goal  to be a link between the electronic components manufacturer and the customer. Direct business relations with the manufacturer allow us to reach the goal and justify the customers’ expectations.


Competence is determined by the knowledge and experience of employees, as well as their attitude to their work. Being a supplier of engineering solutions, we consider Competence as our ability to provide the customers with a suitable product including the applied element base  and cost factors optimization, reliability, operating modes, availability; provide comprehensive technical and information support, assist in design solutions  analysis and development.


We are very attentive to each of our customers and consider compromises to be  the most important task to find.


We consider Quality to be the main and fundamental factor in our work. It concerns supplied electronic components quality - we work with the world's largest manufacturers, technical support quality - we are in constant close contact with the suppliers' engineers, product delivery quality – we deliver goods according to customer’s terms and conditions..