STMicroelectronics. The company was founded in 1987 when French and Italian firms working in the field of microelectronics decided to unite. At the end of 2014, it was a leader in the European manufacturers of electronic components market. The company offers a wide range of semiconductor solutions for various applications and types of electronic devices
•    One of the largest semiconductor components manufacturers.
•    Leader in the production of integrated devices in all electronic segments.
•    Leader in the number of innovative technologies - the company has a worldwide network of design centers and factories (8,700 R&D people, ~ 15,000 patents, ~ 9,000 patent families and more than 500 new applications)
•    Leading position in automotive electronics Sense and Power and Embedded Processing Solutions
•    The most diverse technical portfolio (ASICs, Application-Specific Standard Products, Multi-Segment Products)
STMicroelectronics has a worldwide network of design centers and factories: microcircuits are developed in many European countries, the USA, India and northern African countries. Dice production is carried out in Italy, France and Singapore. Chip testing and packaging is done in China, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco and Singapore.
STMicroelectronics is the ideal partner for complex projects with its comprehensive product line and strong technical support.