Sensor technologies.
Sensor technologies often play a decisive role in automotive and industrial equipment. They must be very accurate, reliable and stable. Magnetoresistive (MR) sensors meet all these requirements and offer a range of benefits.
NXP sensors are based on the MR effect, where a magnetic field can influence a material's electrical resistance. In MR sensors, the electrical resistance of a conductive magnetic material, such as permalloy (19% Fe, 81% Ni), is changed by an external magnetic field. By applying a field in the plane of electric current, the entire internal magnetization vector of the material is rotated in accordance with the angle of the field, changing its electrical resistance.

НIn the figure, the circuit converts the analog output signal to the digital one. LEVL output doesn’t depend on the distance within the measuring range.

Exceptional correctness, reliability and MR sensors ruggedness make them ideal for automotive applications.